Sustainability Strategy Development

Enterprise-wide sustainability strategy development and/or specific operational or divisional sustainability strategy development

Boards look to executives to lead organisations into a more sustainable future – one that will continue to create value for shareholders and stakeholders. To achieve this, executives in turn need to be assured that the business has the right structures, operating models and resources to deliver on these expectations.

This is difficult, as sustainability management is not about a single strategy or management discipline. There are different drivers and challenges across human, financial, economic, environmental, intellectual and manufactured capital that require specific skills, inputs and business models. An organisation may not even have these available at a particular time.

These uncertainties will require specialist knowledge across various subjects that is not even taught at business schools yet. So, whether an organisation wants to create additional shareholder value through growth, more efficient resource management or expansion into different markets with different products, it will require new operating and risk management strategies.

Because Next Generation Consultants understands these complexities, and we have access to specialised industry and subject experts, we are perfectly positioned to assist companies in their journey towards greater sustainability.

Our services in sustainability strategy development:

  • Our strategy advice is wide-ranging and practical. 

    We start by defining a sustainable development vision for your company. This is then integrated and aligned with other company strategies to ensure strategic sustainable management.We identify material issues and risk management strategies, and undertake strategic stakeholder engagement. And because we understand that your sustainable development programmes needs to show real results, we develop performance indicators, metrics and roadmaps to assist with progress over time.

  • Our governance advice helps to give your business an appropriate framework of policies, checks and balances. 

    These, along with senior management and board-level oversight, provide systematic accounting and management for sustainability across your business operations.

  • For us the materiality process is critical to understanding sustainability both from a strategic and operational perspective. 

    Material risks and impacts are what your organisation needs to manage. We assist by identifying your most material issues, prioritising, validating and reporting on them.We have developed a variety of tools and methodologies to assist with this critical process and have assisted numerous companies.

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