Sustainability Reporting & Integrated Reporting

Including assurance, audit, review and sustainability benchmarking

Sustainability reporting has become a best practice requirement for companies. By focusing on sustainability an organisation can better manage its environmental and social impacts. This can also help to improve business efficiency. It has also become a very important part of the relationship between a business and its employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

Sustainability reporting can also help to give an advantage in competitive industries. It can improve the confidence of investors and the loyalty of employees. And because investment analysts take sustainability reporting into account when assessing the quality and efficiency of a company’s management, reporting may help companies to attract investment.

Leading companies are also trying to take a longer-term perspective of their business and starting to centre their sustainability reporting on their business model and strategy. Hence they are considering including integrated reporting as part of their overall communications with their stakeholders. For many, integrated reporting is also a compliance and country specific requirement. Companies in South Africa have to issue such a report or explain why they don’t.

Integrated reports also end up being exceptionally useful tools for assessing the impact of mega-trends on a company, like climate change, energy shortages, poverty and debt – and for identifying opportunities and possible responses. Integrated reporting can help companies to identify ways of analysing the information they need to inform internal strategy, and to communicate it with stakeholders.

How we can assist with sustainability reporting and integrated reporting:

  • Aligning and integrating strategy and business modelling for a more sustainable future.
  • We identify the various resources required for the future and help with an understanding of the various interdependent relationships.
  • We write, audit and review sustainability reports and integrated reports.

Research, sustainability benchmarking and review of sustainability initiatives, programmes, and sustainability and integrated reports

With the increase in sustainability and integrated reporting has come a concomitant requirement from investors and the public for independent external assurance of these reports. This assurance is becoming important in establishing the credibility of a company’s reporting, and the number of sustainability and integrated reports coming with assurance statements is increasing every year.

Though not yet mandatory, these assurance reports can play a significant role in risk management. And as more and more businesses start issuing sustainability and integrated reports, the demand for assurance services – and for report comparability and alignment – is likely to increase.

We offer these services:

  • We conduct extensive research and sustainability benchmarking on behalf of companies to ensure comparability of their sustainability and integrated reports, and their sustainability strategies, policies, programs and initiatives.
  • We review integrated and sustainability reports to ensure compliance with frameworks, guidelines and standards, as well as usability, accessibility and user-friendliness.
  • We provide assurance over sustainability and other reporting aspects, indicators, guidelines and frameworks, as well as processes and systems.

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