Our Expertise

Some of the business issues we address are:

New market and industry dynamics, under performance, sluggish growth, high costs, lack of competitiveness, uncertain direction, organisational inertia, poor marketing, ineffective supply chain, need for change and innovation, as well as sustainable development and business models.

Our philosophy:

Benchmarked – world class – best practice – business performance

Creating a world class enterprise is certainly no easy feat.  Understanding what proper and balanced processes, systems and strategies are required, requires high level, specialised and objective expertise.  For us, success is not an option, it is an absolute requirement.

What we do:

We unlock additional and new value by reshaping leadership, strategy, organisations and operations through transformational change management. We bring about corporate and business renewal by yielding strategic clarity, revitalised leadership, increased revenue, and reduced cost and capital.

How we work:

Through research and development we conduct analysis of the business and its competitive environment from a strategic, financial, organisational, and operational and leadership point of view. We assess key issues such as industry drivers, SWOT, PESTER and GAP analysis, causes of decline and distress, operational and financial competencies and levers and risks. We design solutions, strategies and actions to address the specific and identified business issues. Through our process we bring about quick wins that can be achieved with little delay and effort.

How we work with clients:

We are driven by an assured and unwavering pursuit of sustainable bottom line results. We provide hands-on formulation of solutions jointly with management and the rest of the organisation. We ensure transfer of skills through the process. By being a catalyst and providing impetus for sustainable change, through rigorous project management and by building core competencies in the organisation we unlock additional value, renewed growth and innovation for new revenue opportunities.

Our experience:

We are armed with extensive experience of, and expertise in partnering with companies facing change in a variety of industries. Having been at the helm of companies, embarking on change ourselves, our actual experience as senior executives in industry uniquely positions us to interpret issues from the client’s perspective. We are experienced in combining the client’s organisation and our consulting resources into joint project teams to achieve sustainable results. We have successfully worked with small and micro enterprises as well as large multinational corporations. We have also worked with government and public benefit organisations as well as family owned organisations.

Our Approach to Business:

Next Generation Consultants consists of a core team of full-time staff members and a trusted network of service providers to offer both capacity and flexibility. For our clients this means a team of hand-picked specialists working together to help them achieve their business objectives.

We believe in a partnership approach when we do business with clients. We will therefore take on the role of partner once we are contracted. We will also act as the custodian of the organisation’s brand while working with our clients. One of our core team members will at all times be involved with the project at hand.

As part of our resource strength, we have at our disposal a number of specialist affiliated partners who can provide support to almost any business discipline across all industry sectors. This includes executive management, organisational and functional disciplines.

We use proprietary business development models that have been honed over many years. Our services are modular and can be customised according to specific business requirements. This makes our services smart and cost-effective.