CSI Training

Capacity building and skills development through training and facilitation to ensure support, buy-in and sustainability for corporate social investment, socio-economic development, and community investment and development

We have assisted numerous CSI, SED and community investment and development practitioners and experts in understanding the socio-economic development landscape.

Our CSI Training courses are presented across the African continent and address the following aspects:

  • Towards best practice
    Providing an overview of the industry and socio economic development landscape of the continent and the country, including industry specific approaches, development trends, investment practices and much more.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
    Providing extensive insight and knowledge into conducting best practice monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment practices.  From developing indicators to measure progress to reporting on impact and return these workshops provide practical knowledge on how to be an effective practitioner in a complex context.
  • Trends, forecasts and predictions
    By analyzing global community, social, and socio economic trends including investment and development practices, we provide annual reports including development and investment practices, global and continental practices, program and focus area specific trends and outcomes and impact of the development sector

Our CSI Training is presented to various stakeholder groups and can be customised for specific requirements:

  • Public courses – open to all interested parties and practitioners.
  • Customised courses – developed according to your company requirements (subject-specific, audience-specific)
  • General awareness sessions – for boards, practitioners or employees

Case Studies:

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