CSI Stakeholder Management

Community relations, perceptions and stakeholder engagement and management

Companies should not confuse community investment with the entirely separate onus on a company to compensate local communities for the social impact of doing business.

Nevertheless, the two are interrelated components of a holistic approach for managing company-community relationships.

Companies that are not seeing sufficient results need to find new ways of working with local stakeholders. There are typically five mutually reinforcing elements to strategic social development and community relationship-building:

  • Strategy
  • Internal and external alignment
  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Results measurement

The aim of this is to help improve the local communities’ quality of life in the long-term. This benefits the company as well, by creating business value through higher community support, reduction of risk, improved productivity and an advantage over competitors.

Our extensive experience in community relations provides us with deep knowledge and insight into community expectations and requirements. We have developed comprehensive stakeholder engagement tools to assist us in the process.

Our CSI Stakeholder Management services include:

  • Community Perception Surveys
    By testing and researching community perceptions of community investment programs and funder and donor relationships, we are able to provide our clients with knowledge and insight into community needs and requirements.
  • Community relations and stakeholder engagement
    In support of organisations’ social objectives that are aligned to broader sustainability aspects, we are able to test various aspects that inform not only organisational strategies, but also communication requirements of stakeholders, as well as feedback on operational aspects such as:

  • environmental (water, energy, waste, pollution, etc)
  • social (including health and safety, human rights, community investment and development, socio economic development, etc)
  • economic (such as job creation, skills development, enterprise development and many more)

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