Bespoke Leadership Development

We understand that managing a company is really about managing human resources. And that skilful management and inspirational leadership are crucial for success. We help organisations build the talent, organisational structures, performance management and leadership skills that enable a culture of performance to grow and thrive, supporting the effective execution of business and operational strategies.

Our consultants work with any level of management – from newly appointed managers to experienced company heads. We can design leadership development workshops to cover a range of fundamental skills or focus on specifics.

We make sure to understand your real training and development needs, so we can give you bespoke training programmes that suit your company culture. We use specific tools, and facilitate group learning with training courses and team building events.

It’s what people do differently after working with us that counts.

We develop customised training solutions in our areas of specialisation: business growth and development, corporate reporting (including sustainability and integrated reporting), corporate social and community investment and development, human rights management, sustainable supply chain management, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, stakeholder management and individual leadership development.

Some of our existing Leadership Development course materials include:

  • Business Development: strategy development, operational management
  • Sustainable Development: sustainability and integrated reporting, stakeholder management, human rights management, sustainable supply chain management
  • Social / Community Investment and Development: monitoring, evaluation and impact
  • Leadership Development: personal and human resource management

We facilitate, develop and present motivational, training and skills development programmes on the following topics. We have presented these courses in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

This material is available on Slideshare for public consumption:

  • Presentations on corporate social investment and development, corporate responsibility, sustainability and citizenship
  • Deep Branding – Responsible and ethical marketing, branding and communications, as well as issues management inclusive of reputation and risk management
  • An overview of the CSI Industry in South Africa
  • An overview of the CSR Industry in South Africa
  • An overview of CSR and CSI in Africa
  • Sustainability and Integrated Reporting – A South African Journey
  • Trends and forecasts of Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Africa
  • Trends and industry forecasts
  • Corporate social investment and development in Africa and South Africa
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Human rights management
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Community engagement and community relations in Africa
  • An overview of citizenship, sustainability and non-financial reporting in Africa
  • Business development, growth and innovation
  • Advancing women in business leadership
  • Marketing, branding and communications
  • Consulting management – both introductory and advance practices
  • Inspirational and authentic leadership
  • Personal branding (marketing, positioning and selling) and leadership
  • New millennium leadership
  • Reputation management
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Innovation for growth
  • Strategy development for innovation and differentiation

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