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Business and leadership development

Intensified globalisation and the acceleration of new technologies are increasing the demands on companies for efficiency, competitiveness, short-term agility and long-term growth.

New business models are required to meet these demands – and this creates opportunities for companies to excel, innovate, differentiate and compete globally.  Our experienced consultants can work with you to develop practical strategies to take advantage of this and deliver high performance organisations.

We help executives examine possibilities, assess and alleviate risk, and adopt the most potentially valuable business strategies.

We help executive management translate those insights into actionable plans at both the enterprise and business-unit level.

The result: strategies that are focused on sustainable growth, rooted in analytical rigour and built with integrated and aligned execution in mind.

This will allow your company to move quickly and decisively to capitalise on opportunities to unlock value and grow profitably – quarter by quarter, year after year.

Our work in business strategy, implementation, integration and management is differentiated in several key ways:

  • Explicit commitment to clear, attainable business results
    Sustainable business development is a different kind of business endeavour, with goals, collaborations, metrics and rewards that are unfamiliar to many organisations. At the outset, companies need clear missions, quantifiable methodologies and the strong assurance that those goals can be attained. We help develop solutions that can deliver significant, enduring results for our clients and their stakeholders.
  • Continental footprint of alliances and delivery partnerships
    Our continental footprint is an important differentiator. It enables us to quickly mobilise our people, knowledge and assets on the African continent to help our clients evaluate their challenges and opportunities, and implement global business initiatives. We also participate in a broad ecosystem of private and public organisations, and we have the skills to bring together and manage the insights and work of multiple players.
  • Ability to integrate sustainability solutions into the business
    Next Generation Consultants excels at integrating sustainability into our clients’ core businesses. We call this ‘embedded sustainability’ – integrating sustainability into core business strategies and across business units, segments and supply chains.
  • Measurable results
    We measure the impact of our strategies on your business for full accountability, including indicators such as:
    • Revenue growth from new, sustainability based products and services
    • Cost reductions from efficiency gains and innovative process improvements
    • Better customer service through improved operations
    • Reduced regulatory risk through better management
    • Improved metrics and forecasting through enhanced performance management and reporting
    • Enhanced brand value and market reputation
  • Change management skills
    Next Generation Consultants is deeply skilled in the tools and methods required to prepare people for new ways of working. We also know how to gain stakeholders’ support for new initiatives that may fundamentally change their roles and responsibilities. Our ability to assess the risks involved in sustainability programs enables us to effectively guide the journey from concept to execution.
  • Industry depth and experience
    The scope of sustainability varies significantly by industry, often driven by the environmental, social and governance issues on which the industry has greatest impact. Our research and analysis competencies, our varied industry and sector exposure, and our in-depth knowledge of local operating contexts ensure that we can work across the African continent. 

Our Business Development services include:

  • Strategies for organic business development and growth, including operational strategies for marketing, branding, sales and communications.
  • Market entry, market growth, differentiation and diversification, and feasibility strategies.
  • Extensive market research, including stakeholder research, competitor research, brand, customer perception research.
  • Management advisory panels.
  • Business plan critiques.
  • Facilitation, capacity building and training.

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