About Next Generation

Who we are:

Since 2003 we have assisted corporates, small and medium enterprises, government departments, family owned businesses, franchises, public benefit organisations and entrepreneurs all over South Africa, to realign their businesses for sustained growth.

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the continuous economic transformation of South Africa through the work we do – and to do it in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way.

The benefits of our services for our clients include enhanced profitability, improved performance,  and increased sustainability as well decreased risks and fast-track growth.

Next Generation Consultants is a Professional Management and Business Consultancy that specialises in:

  • Organisational change and strategic transformation
  • Strategic business development and growth
  • Sustainable local economic and socio-economic investment and development
  • Sustainability strategic development, sustainability and integrated reporting
  • Research, development and competitive intelligence
  • Facilitation and training

What we do:

  • Consultation
  • Facilitation
  • Strategy Development
  • Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conceptualisation, Research and Development

Our services include:

Sustainable Development and Reporting:

  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Sustainability and integrated reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Specialised knowledge and expertise in human rights, communities, and social aspects
  • Training, capacity building and skills development
  • Research and Benchmarking
  • Sustainability assurance

Business Development and Growth:

  • Strategies for business development and growth
  • Strategies for marketing, branding, sales and communications
  • Conceptualisation, research and development
  • International  and  local  product  and  market  development,  market  entry  and defense strategies as well as feasibility studies
  • Business analysis, business planning, business strategies, business growth – and value creation strategies
  • Product  development,  growth,  specialisation,  differentiation  and  diversification strategies
  • Market development, market research, brand development, brand and customer research
  • Competitive Intelligence and research inclusive of benchmarking
  • Institutional,  organisational  and  enterprise  development,  transformation  and governance
  • Management advisory panels
  • Business plan critique
  • Facilitation, coaching, mentoring, training and motivation

Community, Enterprise and Socio Economic Investment and Development:

  • Strategy development
  • Integration  and  implementation  of  community  investment  and  development strategies
  • Research and development
  • Program and flagship development
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Social baseline studies and human rights assessments
  • Monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment, benchmarking and determining return on investment

Our Approach:

What we do:  We help companies to grow, become more successful, competitive, profitable, and  sustainable and in the process – create shareholder wealth, and increased return on investment.   We unlock additional and new value by reshaping leadership, strategy, organisations and  operations  through transformational change management.  We  bring  about  corporate  and  business  renewal  and  growth  by yielding strategic clarity, revitalised leadership, increased revenue,  unlocking new business opportunities and reduced cost and capital.

How we work:    Through research and development we conduct analysis of the business   and   its  competitive  environment  from  a  strategic,  tactical,  financial, organisational, operational and leadership point of view.  We assess key issues such as  industry drivers,  SWOT,  PESTER  and GAP  analysis,  causes  of  decline  and distress, operational and financial competencies, growth and opportunities levers and risks. We  design  solutions,  strategies  and  actions,  based  on   research  and benchmarking, to address the specific and identified business issues.  Through our process we bring about quick wins that can be achieved with little delay and effort.

How we work with clients:  We are driven by an assured and unwavering pursuit of sustainable, bottom line results.  We provide hands-on formulation of solutions jointly with management and the  rest of the organisation. We ensure transfer of skills through the process.  By being a catalyst  and providing impetus for sustainable change, through rigorous project management and by  building core competencies into the organisation, we unlock additional value, renewed growth and innovation for new revenue opportunities.

Our experience:    We are armed with extensive experience of, and expertise in – partnering  with companies facing change and challenge in a variety of industries. Having extensive operational, senior and executive management   experience ourselves,  starting,  managing  and  operating  our  own  companies,  going  through change  and  growth  ourselves,  working  in  a  number  of  diversified  industries,  – uniquely  position  us  to  interpret  issues  from  the  client’s  perspective. We  are experienced in combining the client’s organisation and our consulting resources into joint project teams to achieve sustainable results.  We have successfully worked with small and micro enterprises as well as large multinational corporations.  We  have also  worked with government and public benefit organisations as well as family owned organisations.

We use proprietary business development models that have been honed over many years.  Our  services are modular and can be customised according to our client’s specific business requirements. This makes our services smart and cost-effective.

Our competitive advantage:  Next Generation Consultants consists of a core team of full-time staff members and a trusted network of service providers to offer capacity, flexibility and specialisation. We are therefore in the fortunate position to put together teams of experts according to the specialist  needs of our clients.  Working with associated  consultants and affiliated partners ensure that we can benchmark our work and we are subjected to continuous peer review.  For our clients this means access to a team of handpicked specialists working together to help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives.

Next Generation Consultants does not only promise to improve the business of companies, but also to transform businesses to become more successful, profitable, sustainable and responsible.

We have developed various proprietary business and strategy development models as well as  monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and benchmark tools.   This gives us a  competitive  advantage  in strategic and management   consulting particularly because our clients can choose development models according to their budgets.  Clients also know exactly the process that will be followed in their strategy development process.  Furthermore,  this has opened a training environment and opportunity for us.   Where  clients or entrepreneurs are not in a position to pay consulting fees, we are able to train them in our approach and methodology.  This not only ensures skills and knowledge transfer, but has  given us an edge in the market place as well as scalability with regards to reach and impact.

Achievement and Awards:

Reana Rossouw is the owner of Next Generation Consultants, a leading boutique Management and Business Consulting Firm with a wealth of experience in the business development environment. Their specialist services includes, but is not limited to: Corporate Social Investment; Sustainable Development; Business Development and Leadership Development. Reana’s particular areas of expertise are in creating and implementing strategies and brands for innovation; growth and sustainability. This is aligned with the vision of Next Generation Consultants to significantly contribute to the continuous economic transformation of South Africa through the work they do – and to do it in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Reana is a regular speaker at national and international conferences and have delivered various papers on her fields of expertise, that includes presentations to the likes of competitive intelligence; market research; building leading brands; future forecasts and business trends; leadership development; corporate social investment, local and socio economic development; corporate responsibility and citizenship; governance and sustainability reporting and many more.

In recognition of her ground-breaking work in this arena; Reana is regarded as a visionary and one of South Africa’s leading experts in the areas of social investment, socio economic development, corporate responsibility, sustainability and sustainability reporting. Not only has she been published extensively, but she has also received a number of nominations and awards.

In addition, Next Generation Consultants has a solid track record with case studies and proven results of assisting numerous corporates, small and medium enterprises, government departments, family owned businesses, franchises, public benefit organisations and entrepreneurs all over South Africa, to realign their businesses for sustained growth.


Reana Rossouw

Reana Rossouw

  • Reana Rossouw was nominated for the Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year Competition, every year since 2004 (Business Category);
  • Next Generation Consultants was nominated for the All African SMME Awards – 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010;
    Reana Rossouw was the winner of the South African Council for Business Women of the Year Competition 2009 (Small Business Category);
  • In 2010 Reana Rossouw was nominated as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Business and Government by CEO Magazine; and
  • Next Generation Consultants was also nominated for the 2010 South African SMME Awards by the African Growth Institute.
  • In 2014 Reana was the winner of the SADC Region and South Africa in CEO Magazine’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Award.

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